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About us

HRM@W was established to provide a forum for like minded HR professionals to interact and discuss the issues current and relevant to their profession.

HRM@W is designed to facilitate the sharing of information and building of awareness, whilst at the same time allowing members of the network to seek and provide assistance within the group.

The group meets on a monthly basis with generally an industry expert / guest speaker presenting on some aspect of human resource management or current issue facing the profession. The presentation will be followed by an open forum for participants to share ideas, ask questions of each other and network.

HRM@W seeks to provide a genuine forum for information sharing amongst HR professionals. To accomplish this, an email service will also be provided to allow members to ask questions of, or seek assistance from, other members throughout the month. It will also allow members to share information.

The group meets on the third Tuesday of every month in Sydney and the fourth Tuesday of the month in Melbourne.  Registration is 3.15pm for a 3.30pm start.   The meeting concludes at 4.30pm and will be followed by half an hour of refreshments and networking.

There are no costs associated with membership as HRM@W is proudly sponsored and generously supported by a range of organisations which can all be found under the Sponsor tab.  I encourage you to visit this page and please support our Sponsors wherever possible as they support us.

For any further information, you are invited to contact us via the contact page and we would be pleased to welcome you to a meeting to experience the value that can be had before any commitment to membership is made.