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Sydney Meeting

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Clare Edwards, Principal, BrainSmart

 Topic:        Getting to Grips with Unconscious Bias


Unconscious bias, also known as Implicit bias, is getting a lot of airplay in the area of diversity and inclusion and understandably so. It is impacting so many of the decisions we make and the results that we get, without us being consciously aware of its effects.

Our unconscious biases directly impact not only who gets hired, developed and promoted, but also the ability of teams to perform at a high level, the effectiveness of our leaders in decision-making and change, the health of an organisation’s culture and the relationship it has with its stakeholders.

Join Clare Edwards in this enlightening and interactive session where we explore your own unconscious biases**, and flip the bonnet of our head uncovering bias from the perspective of evolution, neuroscience and our unique filters and perspectives.

The focus is on increasing our understanding of the most prevalent biases that impact our ability to be impartial and objective, and on developing practical strategies to deal with bias effectively.


What You Will Learn


  • The role of our brain in creating unconscious bias in ourselves and others
  • Understanding the origins and influencers of unconscious bias
  • Making the unconscious conscious through awareness
  • Practical strategies to develop awareness and mitigate the most prevalent biases


**it’s OK – if you have a brain, you are biased!


About your Presenter

Clare Edwards is passionate about enabling people to think smarter, lead better, build great teams and thrive in change. She is on a mission to take the pain out of change!

Clare’s management career consisted of 16 years with European and American organisations. Roles included Head of Corporate Development for XO Global Communications, Customer Marketing Manager for SAP UK, and Head of Support Services EMEA for Datapro Research Corporation.

Clare has worked in and managed multinational teams and it was in the turn of the Millennium Internet ‘boom and bust’ that she realised her vocation for people development as she coached more than 60 people through a major retrenchment program.

An intuitive ability to sense challenges and opportunities in inter-team dynamics, to help organisations create or enhance their culture and to facilitate sustainable change through people, are some of her signature strengths.

Clients past and present include Procter & Gamble, NSW Department of Education, British High Commission Canberra, Campus Living Villages, NESA (National Employment Services Association), Alcon Laboratories, Lasersight Australia and the Universities of Sydney and the Sunshine Coast.


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